Aaa yemen (great history in making jewelries and silvers)

Yemen has rich history in making jewelries and silvers. Since Yemeni old civilizations, Yemen had reached a prominent place as symbol of strength, majesty and richness in the age of old Yemeni civilizations as Sheba civilization, Himyar civilization, Kataban civilization and Owsan and Hadhramount civilization. Yemen has had reached   status through these handicrafts and silks, silver, incense and precious  stones which had been exported to different parts of the world. There are so many of these handicrafts in our country. We find them in any place in Yemen in special pattern in making these sliver handicrafts such as necklaces, wrests, rings, jewelry, swords, Janbai, daggers, Arab rifles, woods, boxes, lanterns, coffee cups and assorted and silver decorated censers.