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Yemen is Arabia's Undiscovered gem. It is a country where you can find the world's oldest skyscrapers, spectacular mountaintop villages, pristine coral reefs, and stunningly gorgeous trees unseen anywhere else on earth. You can journey through one of the world's largest expanse of sand, or marvel at greenery so lush you'd wonder if you were in Arabia.

This is a country that breaths history through every pore, not only through its ancient ruins and monuments, but also through its traditions and culture which remain a part of everyday life.

Yet so little is known about the Real Yemen, that when visitors travel across the country, it is almost always a beautiful voyage of discovery.

From the breathtaking ancient skyscrapers of Shibam to the traditional Suqs of Sana'a and the unspoiled natural beauty of Socotra, you will learn a lot about what Yemen has to offer.

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