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Griled Fish

Spice is nice in grilled fish delight. Stuffed with spices and then slapped onto the inside of a bread oven, the fish grilled at Al Shaibani (Hada’a St. in front of Al Komaim Center, Sana’a) is not to be missed.

Fish Markets

The Red Sea is rich with fish species, and the market bustles as sharks, including hammerheads, rays and yellowfin tuna are carted around in wheelbarrows to waiting vehicles. The smaller fish are often strung together using dune grass.

Local Dishes

Cuisine in Yemen portrays the proficiency at culinary art of Yemen people. While you go on Yemen Tours, you can spend your leisure time in exploring various attractive places.


Hadramout honey, known for its rich, strong flavor, is famous throughout Arabia and is claimed to be the best (and is certainly the most expensive) honey in the world. It is used medicinally, as well as for food.

Coffee/ Qishr

An offer you shouldn’t refuse. Qahwa, or Arabic coffee, is a symbol of hospitality in Yemen. If you get an invitation to drink qahwa, do accept it, as it would be considered impolite to refuse.


Juice stalls offer a refreshing change Fresh juice stalls are ubiquitous throughout Yemen. The most refreshing is lime or lemon juice as the rind is incorporated.

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