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Qubr an- Nabi Hud (Tomb of the Prophet Hud):

The tomb of the prophet Hud is located 140km to the northeast of Seiyun city at the foot of the mountain that lies to the east of Barhour Well.

This ancient place of pilgrimage has been the centre of a religious cult dating from pre-Islamic times. It comprises three groups of buildings, all equally important.

First, there is the tomb of Hud himself, a domed structure high on the hillside, surrounded by a shaded arcaded walk for the pilgrims, for the heat in summer is fierce. Here, according to legend, Allah opened the rocks of the hillside to allow his prophet Hud to escape from his enemies.

Below the tomb is the prayer hall, surrounding the great rock which is believed to be Hud's camel turned to stone. Also arcaded, it is a relatively new construction in its present form.

Third, spread out on the flatter ground below, lies the well-built town, to house the pilgrims during the period of three days every year when they reside in it.

It has its own mosques and tombs, carefully built like the houses of mud-brick and white plaster, and meticulously maintained. The simplicity and sober, abstract character of the plain walls, arches and domes evoke all that is finest in man's striving for spiritual harmony and peace. Except during the time of pilgrimage, the town is deserted. 

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