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At the southern end of the Red Sea sprawls a long, flat, spit of desert with an unusual view of the moon. Travelers who settle themselves at the tip of the sandy tongue that lolls from its northern end, just as the full moon takes to the sky, will see its reflection in the water on either side of them.
Welcome to Kamaran, or Two Moons, island, the largest Yemen-controlled island in the Red Sea.  There is another reason this hot, sunny stretch of sand is said to have two moon. For two weeks a month, it is possible to see the moon shining on one side of the sky and the sun on the other, at the same time.
The lunar anomalies are but two of the tiny island’s many charms. The 42-square-mile island is surrounded on three sides by extraordinary coral reefs; its sands slope down to serene white-sand  beaches; and it is an ideal launching pad for boat trips around the Red Sea.
What to pack for Kamaran:
Sunscreen: There is very little shade on Kamaran, and even when playing in the water, guests will want to slather themselves with sunscreen to keep from getting severe burns.
Very light, cotton clothing: No matter what time of year you go, Kamaran tends to be hot and steamy, so pack loose-fitting comfortable summer clothing.
Towels: Chances are good that much of your time at Kamaran will be spent under water.
Passport and travel permits: It is a good idea to carry identification while traveling anywhere. Security officials on the mainland may ask to see identification or travel permissions before guests board boats for the island.
Swimsuit: No other article of clothing will get quite as much wear on Kamaran.
Snorkeling equipment: The island has some snorkeling equipment, but I you are traveling with a large group, you may want to bring some additional masks and fins.
Diving equipment:  The island’s diving equipment are old, so serious divers will want to bring their own gear.
A good book: Kamaran is a great place for kicking back and reading.
Friends:  Kamaran is a great place for parties and gatherings.
What not to bring:
Food: The food on Kamaran island incredible, cheap, and fresh.
Phones: To thoroughly enjoy Kamaran, leave the rest of the world behind.
Computers: No one comes to Kamaran to get caught up on work.

(source: Yemen Today Magazine)

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