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It is one of the Yemeni ports famous for the export of coffee beans during 7th 18th and 19th centuries. It was mainly reputed as a port for the export of pearls extracted from the sea rocks. It has also a unique architectural  design characteristics of the coastal towns of the Red Sea like Al-Luhayya, Jeddah and Aqaba.
Today it is the capital of Al –Hodeidah Governorate. The Yemenis call it “ Bird of the Red Sea “. It has a number of beautiful beaches like Al-Katheeb Irj nearby to Hodiedah.  Also there are:
Al-Duraihimi Area:
 It is 20km south of Al-Hodeidah city via an unpaved road crossing Al-Mimlah (salt pan) covered with swarms of sea birds. AL –Duraihimi area is considered one of the deltas of Wadi Siham characterized by its high palm trees which amount to half a million palm trees. Some parts Duraihimi are covered with coconut trees. It is also one of the handicraft centers where colorful textile towels are produced. The scenic route via Al –Duraihimi area towards Bayt Al –Faqih is one of the most beautiful roads in the Governorate.
Al-Faza Beach:
About 20 km to the west. It is a beautiful natural port which was a resort for the King of the Rasulide dynasty it lies in a fertile area between Wadi Zabid and Wadi Rima’ surrounded by high palm trees and clean beaches where sweet water fountains are also available.
Al –Khawkha
About 28km west of Hays along the coast, linked by an unpaved road and is in –between the two outlets of Wadi Zabid to the north and Wadi Rasyan to the South. Al-Khawkha is one of the fishing villages on the Red Sea. Palm groves and Coconut trees decorate the beautiful tourist beaches of Al-Khawkha . Once the water retracts after a few centimeters of digging sweet water is found.
Al-Uri Beach
It lies between the two deltas of Wadi Surdoud in the north and Wadi Siham in the south about 35 k away.
It is a beautiful beach covered with palm and coconut trees and a tourist resort for the people of Al-Hodeidah.
Az-Zaydiyan citadel is the most important site, dating back to the first Ottoman rule of Yemen. To the west lies Ibn Abbas beach which is one of the most beautiful beaches in Az-Zaydia from Ibn Abbas beach to Al-Khouba fishing port is one of the most beautiful scenic drives provided that such a drive should take place during the ebb.
Az-Zydiya is an important center for the manufacturing of silver and gold jewelry, pottery, swords and Jambiyah. A variety of palm trees (Dawm) are grown there. From palm tree leaves mats, baskets, hats and ropes. Cotton, Sesame and granaries are also grown here.

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