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 Make a guest appearance at a Yemeni wedding.
These are tremendously joyous occasions in Yemen and you may feel honored if you have been invited to one.

Parties for men and women are almost always held separately, and generally speaking, members of the opposite sex are not invited to the other’s ceremony.

Both parties usually consist of an afternoon spent socializing with the bride of groom in their home.
Afterwards, their friends gather to sing religious songs, songs in praise of the bride or groom and his/her family, and dance before the bride or groom go to their families.

Just as Yemenis will go to the wedding in their finest attire, so should foreign guests dress in the formal, but comfortable, clothing from their country of origin.

Wedding are traditionally held on Thursday and Sunday nights in the old city of Sana’a and are easy to find because of the music that they generate. If you show interest in attending you will be welcomed and treated as a special guest.

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