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Geography and Topography

 The Governorate of Abyan Governorate is bounded by the  Governorates of Aden, Al-Dhali'a, Al-Beidha and Shabwa.  It has a long coastline that extends for 300 km, which yields fish of the finest quality.  The climate of Abyan Governorate is moderate in the winter and hot in the summer.

 Geography and Topography

 The area of Abyan Governorate is 3000 square miles and has a diversified landscape from coastal plains to the hinterland of plateaus.  Amidst the mountains and plateaus are valleys or wadis, of which the most famous are Wadi Hassan, Wadi Bana which converge in Delta Abyan.


A paved tourist road cuts through the Governorate of Abyan which extends for hundreds of kilometers  .. extending from the City of Aden to the West to the Governorate of Shabwa to the east, crossing the latter governorate to the City of Al-Mukalla (Mukalla) on the Arabian Sea coast.  The road passes through a number of interesting sights along the Arabian Sea Coastline.

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∑    The City of Zanjibar is the capital of the governorate, which is situated 60 km east of the City of Aden, lying amidst the Delta Abyan area, which is rich in agricultural land. 

∑    The City of Ja'ar contains some of the oldest landmarks of the governorate, including the Khanfar Fort (on Mount Khanfar), which is a few kilometers from the city.  It is a tourist site, which overlooks the green landscape of Delta Abyan and the Batais Conversion Dam.

       Shagar City is a tourist town on the Arabian Sea Coast.  It is one of the most important fishing ports, with a fish canning factory.  It is situated 57 km from Zanjibar, and it is almost surrounded by a beautiful coastline that makes this city an ideal coastal resort.

∑    City of Loader:  The mountain road that leads to Mukeiras towards the City of Al-Beidha.

∑    Moudiah:  The city is 127 km northeast of Zanjibar.  It is noted for its high rise beautiful houses.  They are typically constructed of clay mud>  Moudiah is situated on a fertile plains area that is highly suitable for agriculture, which is famous for cotton and tobacco cultivation as well as the growing of fruit trees.

The Governorate of Abyan as a whole is important for the  cultivation of tobacco, cotton, peanuts, oranges, bananas mangos, papayas and a little coffee.

Of special interest in Abyan Governorate is the Al-Hami area, situated about 178 km from Zanjibar, which has a hot water mineral spring.

As for Al-Mahfad Area, it is the shopping center for a number of neighboring villages around the area.

The Governorate of Abyan has many promising potential tourist sites significant within the framework of environmental and vacationing tourism.




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