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Location:   The Governorate of Hajjah is situated 127 northwest of the Capital City of Sana'a.

Topography and Climate:  The climate of the governorate varies with the topography of the terrain:  The mountain areas a moderate climate prevails in the Summer and a cool-cold climate characterizes the Winter.  In the plains areas of the governorate, a tropical hot climate, with some humidity prevails in the Summer, while a moderate climate is prevalent in Winter.


 The population of Hajjah Governorate is 300,000 according to the 1994 Census.  Most6 of the people in the governorate are engaged in agriculture.

Diversity of Tourism Assets:                              …up

 Hajjah has a diversity of interesting attractions to offer the different kinds of tourists, from the cultural tourists to the nature lovers:

   Ancient Remains:                                             

          In particular Islamic remains, exemplified by the historical forts and citadels.

    Landscape Views:                                        up

         Lovers of natural scenery will delight to some of the beautiful natural landscape views and the preserved natural beauty of the different areas in the governorate, including wadis (valleys, forests and the towering mountains that range in height from 2,700 meters to 3,000 meters above sea level.  The natural impregnable such as Kawkaban Hajjah, Al-Jahily and Mabyan mountiains.



    Marine and Environmental:                               up


         The islands of Dhu Hurab and Baklan provide a conserved marine environment for vacationers who enjoy the sea and all the associated marine sports, in an unspoiled setting.

    The City of Hajjah:                                             up


          The capital of the Governorate of Hajjah lies atop a mid elevation mountain (at 1,800 meters above sea level.

    Al-Qahira Citadel:

         Atop Jabal (Mount) Kuhlan – Affar and Maswar Hajjah, which are crowned by an impregnable fortress that rise to 3,050 meters.

    Sporty Mountains:                                               up


         All the mountains in Hajjah Governorate provide ample opportunities for various sports, such as glider flying, such as Al-Sharafein Mountains, Washhah and Kashar Mountains that rise 2,500 meters above sea level.  Intertwining through these mountains are wadis (valleys), while some are also covered by terraced farms and suspended villages, with interesting architectural features that provide fascinating views.

    Folklore Arts and Customs:                                 up


         The customs and lifestyles of the people of the governorate vary from plains to mountain dwellers, as well as a noticeable diversity in typical dress of both men and women.  This includes the distinctive decorative attire, such as the daggers worn by the men, finely woven bamboo hats or head turbans, and even the palm leave umbrellas for shading.  In addition, the folklore arts are also different with each region in the governorate, such as song and dance, as well as a diversity in culinary tastes.


         Weekly markets are lively in all the various parts of the governorate, especially along the coastal areas, where there various products offered, in addition to the handicraft products of the people of the governorate, such as the clay and ceramic pottery, fine woven conical hats made from thin bamboo thread.

    Therapeutic Resorts:                                          up


 Some new hot water springs have been discovered which can present opportunities for natural therapy for some ailments, which are located along the road leading to the Tehama plains such as Al-Tour, situated about 35 km form Hajjah City, and in the Town of Aslam, where there is a continuously flowing hot spring, which is useful for the treatment of skin ailments and rheumatism.  In 'Abs District there is a frequently visited there is a water spring proximate to a water well that is aptly called the Healing Spring, which is just two km off the nearby asphalt road leading to the Town of Abs.       



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