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Al-Mahweet City
The Scenic Mountains


The Governorate of Al-Mahweet is deemed to be one of the most fascinating areas for natural landscape views, due to the multitude of its water springs and streams.


The Location:  It is situated along the western of the Bilad Ghail Mountains, about 110 km. northwest of the City of Sana'a, and rise to 2,100 meters above sea level.

Topography and Climate: 

The topography of Al-Mahweet Governorate varies from high mountains covered by mountain farm terraces and interlaced with deep wadis (valleys) with beautiful banks forming some of the most magnificent landscape views, such as Wadi Sar'a, Wadi Al-Iyoun and Wadi Al-Ahjur.  As for the mountains of the Governorate of Al-Mahweet, they are famous for their fortresses, which number 26 fortresses.  The climate of Al-Mahweet is a combination of moderate and cold, while in the plains bordering the Tehama Strip the cli9mate can be hot


The population of the Governorate of Al-Mahweet is 402,966 people  according to the 1994 Census, most of whom are engaged in agriculture, raising livestock, with a large number of the population being self-employed in free trades.

The Tourist Sites in Al-Mahweet Governorate:

Almost all the mountainous and plains areas of Al-Mahweet contain some tourism, environmental and historical assets.  These include the historical cities of Shibam Kawkaban, which is situated 40 km from the City of Sana'a, and is considered one of the most visited sites, because of the fortifications, walls in addition to the mosques and steam baths found in the city.  The Grande Mosque of the city is one of the oldest going back more than a thousand years.  Other sites in Shibam include the stone tombs.

      Kawkaban:                                                   …up               

 The City of Kawkaban is situated on a mountain fortress that rises 2,800 above sea level.  The city is walled on the northern side, while on the other sides it is naturally fortified.  Kawkaban can be reached by asphalt road or by climbing the mountain pass from Shibam on foot, which many tourists prefer to take for exercise and enjoyment.

        :                                                    up


The Old City of Al-Mahweet is situated on the Al-Masna'a Mountain Fortress, with its own particular distinctive architectural style.  It is still surrounded by a wall and protective towers.


Al-Taweelah:                                                       up

 A city of forts and citadels on the road to Al-Mahweet City 72 km from the City of Sana'a and lying on the foot of Jabal (Mount) Al-Qarani'a at a height of 2,400 km.  The city is famous for the Fortress which bears the same name as the city, Al-Taweelah Fortress.

      The Scenic Mountains:               

 Almost all the mountains of Al-Mahweet Governorate are covered in greenery and laced with water springs and streams and is a pleasantly attractive tourist area for rest and recreation, thanks to its crisp mountain air.  Jabal Hufash is one of the most famous mountains, which is 34 km from the center of the City of Al-Mahweet, which is near Jabal Mulhan, which overlooks the Tehama Strip and rises to 2,800 meters above sea level.

      The Markets:    

The most popular weekly market is the Al-'Urqoob Market, which is held on Thursdays, and is situated 8 km from the Governorate Center and Al-Rujum Market, which is held on Mondays.  These markets offer many different kinds of products including handicraft products. 


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