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The Location and Climate
Area and Population
Historical Note
Major Landmarks and Sites:
The Cities and Markets:
Temples and Churches:

Aden City is where commercial activity proceeds from dawn to dawn … with its boisterous Gulf, its fair mountains, impenetrable fortresses and pleasant coast welcomes its visitors every day – as a free port by sea and air round the clock.

The Location and Climate                           --UP--                   

The City of Aden overlooks the Arabian Sea and the Gulf of Aden.  It is situated 346 km south of the City of Sana'a and 160 km east of the Strait of Bab Al-Mandab.  The climate in the summer is hot and moderate in the Winter.

Area and Population:                                     --UP--

The area of the Governorate of Aden is 8,321 square kilometers and the population is 564,335 according to the 1994 Census.

Historical Note:                                               --UP--

  Aden was cited in the ancient inscriptions as one of the ancient large Arabian markets.  It used to be the port used by the Himyarites, which was known as the Awsani Port.

Major Landmarks and Sites:                        --UP--

The oldest historical landmarks are found in the Old City of Aden and its periphery.  In general, contains many historical fortresses and old tunnels, which were used by the population until 1940 to move their livestock and their camels laden with goods.  The Western Gate of Aden and these tunnels were the inlets to the Old City of "Crater" which is at the footsteps of Jabal (Mount) Shamsan on the

northeast.  The tunnels and the Aden Gate, the arch of which was removed in 1964, as well as Seira Fort can still be seen today.  The Forts of Jabal Ghadir, Jabal 'Alyan and the Water Reservoirs of Al-Taweelah are considered among the most important historical sites that are visited today, in addition to the Lighthouse in Crater.

The Cities and Markets:                              --UP--

The most important is Crater, which is the oldest city in the governorate and contains the most crowded markets such as the Za'afaran Market, the Buhara Market and the Al-Taweel Market.  In Crater one will also find the oldest mosques, such as the historical Mosque of Abban, the Al-'Aidarous Mosque. 

Then there is the City of Al-Tawwhai, which is the home of the major port of the governorate.

Other significant cities of Aden Governorate include Al-Mu'alla, Al-Qallo'a, Khourmaksar, Sheikh 'Uthman, Al-Bureiqa, Al-Mansoura, Al-Sha'ab, and Dar Sa'ad.

Preferred Coastal Tourist Sites.

The Abyan-Khourmaksar Beach, Gold Moor, Al-'Arousa, Neshwan, Al-Tawwahi, Seira Beach, Haqqat in Crater, Al-Ghadir and Al-Kheisa, and Faqam in Al-Bureiqa.

Museums:                                                       --UP--

1.   The National Museum of Antiquities

2.   The Traditional Customs and Traditions (Folklore) in Buq'an in the forward Gulf area.

Temples and Churches:                                     --UP--

There were about 19 Hindu Temples and churches, which have been changed to serve other functions

Aden also houses Aden University the highest scholastic institute in the Governorate of Aden. 

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