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The following are the airports of Yemen:

-    Sana’a International Airport  -    Sanaa (SAH)
-    Aden International Airport (ADE)     - Aden
-    Al-Riyan  - Mukalla   (RIY)
-    Sieyun  - Sieyun  (GFX)
-    Taiz Airport – Taiz  (TAI)
-    Socotra Airport Socotra Island  (SCT)
-    Hodiedah Airport Hodiedah (BHN)
-    Al- Ghaidha Airport Al Mahrah  (AAY)


Yemen has six sea ports:
1-    Aden
2-     Hudaydah
3-     Al-Khawkha
4-     Al-Mokha
5-     Nashtoon
6-    Mukalla
But most of these ports are purely for cargo ships


Yemen has six sea ports: Aden, Hudaydah, al-Khawkha, al-Mokha, Nashtoon, and Mukalla. Most of these ports are purely for cargo ships, and arriving by sea to Yemen is not easy. Boats carrying passengers and cargo sail from al-Khawkha to Djibouti. A limited number of cruise lines, such as Costa Cruise, offer two- to three-week cruises from Europe to Dubai with stops at the ports of Aden and Hudaydah.


Clearing Customs takes time, immigration forms have to filled and handed in at passport control. Customs officers check almost everyones luggage closely for alcohol, video tapes and adult magazines. Yemen prohibits alcohol.

There are no restrictions on how much currency you bring in. Firearms, narcotics, obscene literature and pornographic materials are banned. There is also an official ban on all products of Israeli origin.


The national currency is the Yemeni Riyal (YR), divided into 100 fils. The fils are however no longer in use.
Banknotes are available in denominations of one, five, 10, 20,50, 100, 200, 500, and 1000 riyals, with  values  printed in both Arabic and English.
Yemeni riyals can be purchased in only a few countries abroad, but you can easily change any major Western currency on arrival. It is best to bring in US dollars most leading hotels and a lot of shops catering to tourists will not accept anything else.
If taking a taxi from the airport, you will need Yemeni money, so keep a few dollars to exchange at a bank at the airport. Dont change more than you need though, you will get much better rates at moneychangers in the city.
If travelling around the country, it is advisable to change money ahead o time in Sanaa or Aden as you may not find exchange houses in the smaller towns and villages.
Exchange rates change rapidly, so its best to check for current rates on the internet.

Credit Cards:

CREDIT cards are of limited use in Yemen, with only travel agencies, the leading hotels, airlines and bigger stores in Sanaa and Aden accepting them. Of the places that do take cards, Visa and American Express are the most likely to be accepted. It should be noted that Yemen is one of the rare countries where theft is almost unheard of, so carry cash with confidence.

Travellers Cheques:

A little better than credit cards, in that you can change them at banks in the big cities. However, you will most likely get lower rates than if you were changing cash.

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