Ibb Terraces

  • Ibb Terraces

The highest annual rainfall in Yemen gives the district of Ibb its distinctive green terraces, which can be harvested up to four times a year. Fields of sorghum, and millet carpet the landscape of this highly fertile region.

Ibb sits on a small hill by the western mountains; a typical Yemeni town which over the past fifteen years has exploded in size because of the productivity of the region of which it is the centre and its important position on the road between Taiz and  Sana'a. 

Ibb is like a necklace of pearls on a green carpet. Its rare nature covered with everlasting spring and vivid ever-greenness. Like its  plains, its mountains are a dress of charming beauty which embroiders its rocks and the cracks of its stones. This makes Ibb seem to be in an incomparable beautiful sarcenet dress. 

Ibb is the most diverse Yemeni province in terms of the excellent and unique tourist, environmental and archeological product. 

Civilizations, chiefs, leaders and kings have been under the wings of this natural greenness. It is a transit for travelers who stay under its pleasant shades to take rest. Its shades provide them with new energy and vigor.