About Yemen Tourism PromotionBoard (YTPB)

About Yemen Tourism Promotion Board (YTPB):

European Commission study concluded that it is very important to create a tourism promotion board in Yemen, and recommended that the Board should include all tourism-related agencies in both public and private sectors, and to adopt the function of private sector employment system to evade the bureaucracy of the public sector.

On this basis Tourism Promotion Board has been established in 1999 AD, and its main task is the marketing and promotion of the Yemeni tourism product abroad, especially in key-foreign markets through the implementation of the following:


  • Participation in regional and international tourism exhibitions:

As a platform for foreign tourism companies gatherings, participation in international tourism exhibitions is considered as one of the most important ways of promoting tourism in Yemen.

During these exhibitions, local tourism companies will have the opportunity to meet their counterparts and make deals, on the other hand, YemenTourism Promotion Board will be able to promotion Yementhroughthe meetings with journalists and media professionals in TV, radio, newspapers... etc., as well as coordinating in programs production and articles writing for the anticipated situation of the country. And since the establishment of Yemen Tourism Promotion Board, it has participated annually in many international exhibitions including:

  • EMITT exhibition in Istanbul-Turkey
  • BIT exhibition in Milano - Italy
  • ITB exhibition in Berlin – Germany
  • ATM exhibition in Dubai – UAE
  • JATTAexhibition in Tokyo –Japan
  • WTM exhibition in London – UK
  • MITT exhibition in Russia - Mo
  • TopResa exhibition in Paris – France
  • BITE exhibition in Beijing – China
  • MATTA exhibition in kuala lumpur – Malaysia
  • Fitur exhibition in Madrid – Spain


  • Advertising in the international TV space channels:

To introduce the Yemeni tourism product worldwide and reach as much people as possible, YTPB has selected some of the best TV space channels in Arab and foreign countries to broadcast tourism promotion sites around Yemen, which included the channels of CNN, BBC, Al-Jazeera,Al-Arabiya, Atlas and some other French, Italian, Spanish and German channels.


  • Advertising in the international newspapers and magazines:

As one of the main options YTPB publishes tourism ads in some of the most popular foreign newspapers and magazines to invite people to visit Yemen, among those newspapers and magazines: TTG, World Heritage, Al-Mosafir, Al-Arabi, and Islamic Tourism magazine.


  • Monitoring foreign media:

Monitoring foreign media is done by Public Relations firms, thus YTPB can observe the foreign media to follow what is being published about Yemen,especially the negative issues and respond to them.And for those who write positive articles about Yemen, the YTPB expresses its appreciation to them by arranging Fam-trips for them to Yemen.


  • Advertising in the local media:

Yemen Tourism Promotion Board publishes advertisements in the local media to raise awareness about the importance of tourism as a vital economical source among the people.


  • Hiring public relations firms:

Amongthetasks of Public Relations firms is to negotiate with tour operators to include Yemen in their programs, monitor the media in their countries, arrange activities and events, coordinating tours and facilitate the journalists entry to Yemen.

YTPB has signed many contracts with public relations firms in France, Italy, Germany, United Kingdom, Ireland, Spain, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Japan.

  • Conducting promotional campaign in Europe:

Yemen Tourism Promotion Board in coordination with Public Relations firms has implemented tourism promotional campaigns and conducted press conferences in some European countries including France, Italy, Germany and UK.


  • Producing promotional materials:

Yemen Tourism Promotion Board produces, in different languages, various promotional materials including: brochures, CDs, maps, movies, documentaries, books, gifts … etc.


  • Supporting tourism festivals:

Yemen Tourism Promotion Board supports local festivals that aimed toenhanceDomestic Tourism and introduce various tourism products in Yemen to both citizens and foreigners.