Ibb Governor and Tourist Promotion Council's CEO discuss the possibility of investing tourist attraction sites in the governorate

Before yesterday, a meeting was held in Sana'a, the Capital of Yemen, in the presence of Ibb governor Mr. Abdulwahed Salah and tourist promotion council's CEO Mr. Abdulrahman Al-Nomi in which they discussed the possibility of investing a number of tourist attraction sites and activating the role of the council in tourist investment in the governorate.

The meeting, attended by CEO deputy Mr. Ahmed Al-Bail, presented tourist investment opportunities in the governorate and planning to carry out a number of tourist projects and identify a number of investment and tourist attraction sites in Ibb governorate, the tourist capital of Yemen.

During the meeting, Ibb governorate showed his willing to cooperative and facilitate obstacles in order to achieve such projects which contribute in the development of tourist infrastructure for the governorate and create jobs opportunities for its population.

The tourist promotion council's CEO also indicated to investment projects that they ways of its funding have been looked for through international organizations that are interested in environment protection and historical sites protection.

He showed also that these projects include construction of tourist projects, recreational parks and tourist gardens as well as visitors services, participation in taking advantage of green areas, developing them and achieving tourist development in the governorate which in turn benefit the national economy.