Rare birds and animals on Socotra island (Fauna)

In the latest study conducted in 22 important sites for birds in Socotra archipelago, there recorded 291 species of birds, among them 44 are settled and breed in the archipelago, while revealed a study carried out by the International Bird Conservation Organization in cooperation with the Environment Protection Council,that there are 13 species of endemic birds in Socotra archipelago that are not exist anywhere else in the world.

There also reside on Socotra island more than 600 species of insects, 60 species of spiders and 7 types of multi-legged, in addition to crustaceans which includes 4 types of Decapoda rank such as lobsters, 38 species of equal legs and 100 species of land snails and 30 species of wild reptiles, while there is no variety in amphibians in Socotra; just four species of turtles were registered, three of them lay their eggs in the beaches of Socotra.