The Old City of Sana'a and its archaeological buildings

The Old City of Sana'a- by which the walled city is meant -had seven gates among which "Bab Al-Yemen" was the only left.At least, it was constantly inhabited since the fifth century BC, and became the temporary capital of Sheba Kingdom in the first century AD when the Sabean throne had been recaptured from Hemyarites by families of Hamadan tribe.

Sana'a wasmentioned in the Musnad scripts with the name "San'oo" whichis derived from the word "Masna'ah" thatmeans fortress in the ancient South Arabian language. It was turned into an important center for the missionary of Islam in the seventh and eighth centuries, where it maintained a religious and political heritage that constituted in the construction of 106 mosques,21 steam baths and 6500 houses dated back to the era before eleventh century AD, whiletheheight and glowing colorsof multi-story residentsand old brick-houses added more beauty to this site.