Yemeni Jewelry

Yemen is full with a great history in jewelry and silverware industry. Since its ancient civilizations, Yemen has acquireda prominent rank as a symbol of power, greatness and wealth in the era of the ancient Yemeni civilizations like the civilization of Sheba, Hemyar, Qataban, Awsan and Hadramout, and occupied a special level by such industry or by its silk, silver, incense and gemstones that were exported to various parts of the world. Characterized by their existence in abundance in any area of ​​the Yemeni regions, we find a special character in silverware industry ranging from necklaces, bracelets, rings, ornaments, swords, Jambiyas, daggers, Arabic guns, timber chest, lanterns, coffee pitchers and incense burners that decorated with silver.

There is a great diversity of shapes, geometric decorations and inlay with various jewels that make of them unique masterpieces with a great aesthetic in both terms of motifs diversity or manufacturing accuracy, in addition to that, our country is characterized by the packaging of white-weapons such as swords, daggers and especially  the Jambiyas. The real beauty is clear through the marvelous shapes and contents produced by our experienced and creative Yemeni craftsmen.